Dr Michael Greger: How Not to Die Cookbook

About Dr Michael Gregor

Dr Michael Gregor is a leading physician, author and speaker on health issues specifically related to whole food plant based nutrition. He wrote the book the New York Times best selling book, How Not to Die:Discover Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease. In this book he examines the top fifteen causes of death, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Then he offers scientific evidence on which foods to eat and what lifestyle changes to make for a longer healthier life.

Dr Gregor also offers free daily videos on the latest nutrition discoveries on his nonprofit website NutritionFacts.org. This is wonderful site with more than 2,000 videos on health and nutrition. He covers a huge variety of topics that include women’s health, men’s health, nutritious foods and best foods for common diseases.

Dr Gregor also has a free app called the Daily Dozen that helps you keep track of what he considers too be the most important foods to include in your daily diet.

At the beginning of December the How Not to Die Cookbook launched with more than 120 whole food plant based recipes to improve your health!


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